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Trees for Tourism

The TREES FOR TOURISM project is part of a much larger environmental campaign, the African Forest Trust.
It was established to raise awareness of why we should be concerned about our forest eco-systems. Although its original aim was to engage solely with the tourism industry, its message and intention applies to all global citizens, travellers and businesses.
TREES FOR TOURISM provides a valuable platform to support companies wanting to address their environmental impact and navigate the complexities of a ‘carbon footprint’. This allows businesses or individuals to get involved in a larger picture by investing in trees for reforestation; either as a once off gesture or as part of an ongoing environmental commitment.
We are regularly bombarded by words such as ‘green’ or sustainable. While planting a tree will always do some good, an even bigger difference can be made by planting trees that will guarantee the preservation of forests.
Planting trees that will form part of an existing but fast declining forest canopy, provides a multi-dynamic approach that will support entire eco-systems and economies.
The carbon-sink capacity of a forest is far greater than a tree planted in isolation. Let us also not forget that forests around the world are vital to maintaining a healthy, oxygen-rich atmosphere for everyone's sake.